Monday, August 24, 2009


Store 3 Nice view from here
Store 4 Come inside and warm yourself up
Store 11 The pumpkin likes to eat, its not on the 1st floor so come and have dinner with me
Store 12 Lets take a trip to the orient...see all the lovely things they have there...
Store 13 It rests between the the glow of the globes.
Store 20 When you find MJ on the stair, mind you dont fall

Store 22 I put the pumpkin up on top of a tree upstairs which is three green balls, easy to find, thanks.
Store 25 Rest The Dogs
Store 33 a little higher and to the left.....
Store 34 Find a tube of bubbles you may, and with the pumpkin you can play.

Store 37 Time for a sunbathe
Store 38 Tho most pumpkins are out in an open field, this one has decided to hide in the flowers and plants.
Store 39 This pumpkin has wet feet
Store 42 Look Up :)

Store 49 Autumn Leaves
Store 48 no need for hint no place to hide it will basically will end up be just blending in with an outfit thats in a vendor showing...
Store 61 you can find me with a lovely lady in the Hollywood Icon area.
Store 63 Up up and away.
Store 64 Through the front door and out the back, By the steps next to the shack!
Store 71 Look between the bottles.
Store 72 Go inside, Even a blind man can SEE it plain as day!

Store 75 Look in the trash
Store 82 You will find your fears hidden with the skeletons that make you shiver when you crawl into bed at night.
Store 87 A picture is worth 1000 words, but here it could be worth 500 Lindens. Alternative Hint: OUCH!!
Store 103 Beware of the freaky fountain.
Store 104 follow the black footprints
Store 108 Just follow the freaky foot prints.
Store 110 What an Insult!

Store 111 Big Bear Hugs
Store 122 I Will be dressed up in costume as you will see
Store 126 Zambonies don't clean up the ice like these guys do

Store 131 Go back, WAY BACK!
Store 134 Diamonts worm up your heart like fire

Store 138 Halloween is best at midnight
Store 140 With this ring i thee dead
Store 152 Nobody sticks baby in the corner
Store 153 look up look down look all around but dont get dizzy and when your done have a seat and then look down...
Store 172 Tis a spooked and doomy house. Souls were lost in the hidden chamber. Their bodies decayed but still their garments linger on.
Store 181 Another name for the bad dreams that halloween gives some kids
Store 183 Ask Vanessa, she knows everything. BTW, aren't her shoes really pretty?
Store 187 The Cheeky Tiki has a big smile because he knows where a pumpkin lies :)
Store 188 our pumpking is feeling a little froggy :))
Store 189 The toothfairy made me do it!
Store 201 Follow the footprints to a place with many faces, look high look low, look all over for one that looks at you. Then you will find your prize!!! Good Luck:)))
Store 206 Hidden by a rose, gazing out the window, 2nd is always best.
Store 207 A girl and her faithful friend sit under a windy hill & wait.....

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